At Ezma we advise our customers when choosing the right autoclave for the sterilization of their products, taking into account the product, the packaging and the production capacity.


The Ezma range of autoclaves adapts to the different organoleptic properties of the product and packaging that needs to be sterilized.

Static Autoclave:

Rotary Autoclave:

Our equipment works with all types of packaging

We specialize in the manufacture of autoclaves designed to carry out efficient sterilization of products packaged in a variety of containers (bags,
cans, jars, tubs). Our innovative technology adapts to different types of packaging, guaranteeing a homogeneous and effective sterilization process, ensuring efficient and reliable sterilization processes, supported by specialized systems that guarantee the quality and safety of your packaged products.

Wide range of autoclave diameters and lengths

Regular production models

Lengths from 2 to 10 cages


Ezma autoclaves are designed to sterilize your products in any type of packaging.

Cascade system - Rigid container:

The cascade water distribution system consists of the incorporation of a tray in the upper part of the autoclave that distributes water in a cascade form, promoting a homogeneous sterilization of the products packaged in rigid format. The heat transfer is produced by indirect steam heating using a high performance heat exchanger.

Spray system - Flexible packaging:

The water distribution system by means of spray showers consists of the incorporation of showers on the sides and top of the autoclave that spray the water inside the autoclave forming a cloud of water particles that promote a homogeneous sterilization of the products. The spray system maximizes the amount of product per tray and cage, avoiding the umbrella effect in products with flexible packaging. Heat transfer is achieved by indirect steam heating using a high performance heat exchanger.

Steam and air system - Rigid container:

The steam and air heat distribution system consists of introducing saturated steam into the autoclave to reach the sterilization temperature quickly. For this purpose, this system has a fan incorporated into the autoclave that recirculates the steam to achieve homogeneous sterilization of the product. Heating and cooling occurs directly without a high performance heat exchanger, avoiding the formation of cold air pockets.