Sterilization lines

Ezma offers state-of-the-art engineering services in sterilization process automation for the food industry. Our engineering team designs customized solutions to optimize and modernize the customer's sterilization process, improving efficiency, accuracy and safety at every step of the process.

Sterilization lines

Our services encompass different degrees of automation for the sterilization process, covering a wide range of containers. We work with various types of packaging, including cans, jars, doypacks, tubs and pouches. This means that regardless of the type of packaging in which your products are presented, we are prepared to ensure efficient and safe sterilization.

Our aim is to provide the customer with a competitive advantage, while ensuring compliance with the highest standards.
the highest standards of quality and safety in product sterilization.
product sterilization.

Basket loader / unloader

Ezma has developed a wide variety of basket loaders and unloaders and decrating systems for rigid and flexible packaging:

  • Magnetic system for rigid containers.
  • Suction cups system for tubs.
  • Vacuum system for flexible containers.

The Ezma range of basketers and unscramblers is adapted to the customer’s production needs:

  • Semi-automatic equipment for moderate productions from 50 to 250 containers per minute.
  • Fully automatic equipment for large productions from 250 to 700 containers per minute.
  • Customized automatic robotized systems.

ABRS: Automated Batch Retort Systems

The automatic transport of baskets and their automatic loading and unloading from the autoclaves provides greater safety in the sterilization process, reduces the risk of occupational accidents by minimizing human intervention and brings greater consistency in the quality of the final product thanks to the ability to manage large-scale sterilization cycles accurately and reliably.

With our ABRS you get:

  • Automatic transport of full baskets from the basket maker to the autoclave.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of autoclaves.
  • Automatic tilting of the basket full of sterilized product to eliminate and recirculate excess water
  • Automatic transport of the filled baskets from the autoclave to the decrater.
  • Automatic return of empty baskets from the basket remover to the basket maker.
  • Automatic return of the separators from the decatcher to the basketer.

Container dryer

Post-sterilization drying of containers is a necessary process that involves the removal of residual moisture from the containers after they have been sterilized in the autoclave. This process is necessary to maintain the integrity of the containers and to ensure their correct storage, labeling and packaging.

Ezma has developed dryers for rigid and flexible packaging that contain a drying tunnel with drawers and air knives to remove moisture. The objective is to ensure that the containers are completely dry before storing, labeling or packaging them, thus guaranteeing the quality and durability of the products during storage and distribution.

Palletizing / Depalletizing

Ezma’s range of automated palletizing and depalletizing equipment is designed to handle a wide variety of products and load sizes, offering a versatile and accurate solution to customer production needs. Our palletizers increase production speed and reduce operating costs while ensuring safe and gentle handling of your products.

At Ezma, we are committed to improving the efficiency of product handling on your production line. Our automated palletizing and depalletizing systems are the ideal solution to increase production speed, reduce operating costs and ensure safe and gentle handling of your packaged products.