Food Processing

Innovation in the food industry for more than 40 years

Food Processing Technology

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Ezma in the World

Ezma is an international reference company in the food industry machinery sector.

We work to be more competitive in all international markets, incorporating in our equipment the latest technological innovations in design, industrial manufacturing and process automation.

At present we have managed to gain confidence in our solutions in more than 25 countries.

We put at your disposal a great company to help you in your new project.


More than four decades of leadership in the food sterilization industry.

At Ezma we have been designing, building and installing individual equipment and complete process lines for the food industry for more than 40 years. We are specialized in offering our customers integral solutions in the food sterilization process.

Our extensive experience together with the demand of our customers has allowed us to specialize in the thermal treatment of products and in the automation of the sterilization process, being able to offer them a complete and innovative service of the sterilization process. To do so, we adapt to our customers’ needs, offering them tailor-made solutions, efficient and adjusted to their production capacity.

We have an extensive range of autoclaves and pasteurizers that adapt to the organoleptic properties of the product depending on its resistance to heat transmission and a wide variety of automated or semi-automated equipment designed with innovative technology to handle each type of container (can, jar, doypack, tub, bag, etc.) that provides greater safety, quality and speed to the sterilization process.

Food Processing Technology

Innovation in Food Sterilization for over 40 years